“Plans are useless, but planning is everything.“

– President Dwight D. Eisenhower

At Mash Financial Planning, we believe that the value of financial planning is in the process, not in the plan itself. A good financial plan covers all the bases and gives us the ability to make changes when needed.

Initial Consultation.

During our initial meeting, we assess where you are financially at the surface level and the areas we could provide value to you, and help you elevate your finances and plan for the future.

This is completely free to you and we go over how we create our plans, the value we bring, and our core values.


Once we agree to work together, we do an in-depth discovery and assessment of your financial situation.

We will brainstorm your future financial goals: retirement, starting a business, providing for your family, college planning, philanthropic giving, or investing in the stock market. This knowledge will allow us to create the best financial plan for you.

Plan Creation.

We then begin to create a plan that takes into account the benefits and consequences of all financial actions, with an emphasis on tax deductions and breaks.

We understand that the traditional financial plan can be a bit overwhelming and rigid. We design our plans to be flexible and fit into your needs.


The last step of our process is implementation. We will execute the first phase of the plan and will prioritize the steps to start your journey to financial security.

As we roll out the plan we have created for you, we constantly reassess the plan and make the necessary course corrections as life happens.

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